Md. Sumon Miah is Musician, Music Composer and Music Editor.

Md. Sumon Miah is Musician, Music Composer and Music Editor.

A Predominant Musical

Artist, Music is not just a

word to a juvenile. Music is

his passion, his addiction,

his career and above all

music is his existence. The

name of that juvenile is Md.

Sumon Miah who is a

predominant musical artist

in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh is a country

where students focus only

in study and their dream is

nothing but getting a normal

job and leading a normal life.

Being a countrymen of such

a country Md. Sumon Miah is

a boy who walked in a

different road.

He is not a good student in

his academic life. But he had

a great passion to music,

melody and tunes. He

decided to be a musical

artist. Though he didn't get

support from his family and

others he learnt music at

different online platforms.

And now he is a rising

musical artist in

Bangladesh. In fact he

released many songs in

different international

musical platforms like

Spotify, Deezer, Amazon

Music, iTunes, Soundcloud,

YouTube and so on. Some of

his famous songs are

"Darkness at night Arabic

Classical" "Ramzan Aya

Pyara || New Ramzan

Nasheed" "Toma Tussi

Gasga La Plata Trending

Song" and many others. Now

the Bangladeshi

adolescents get

encouragement from Md.

Sumon Miah to do something

different. In fact, he is now

a young musical artist in


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